Mark Pendergrast

November 18, 2002

Post #1573 – 20021118

Hello — I’m not sure whether this will reach Daniel Pinkwater or not. I hope so. If not, I hope others on this list will appreciate my brilliant work below and will help me to get it published. I am already a semi-famous author (see my website below) of books for adults, but you can tell where my heart is from this story, which is basically an extended fart joke. As you may have guessed anyway, it was inspired (as much great art is) by autobiographical experience. I made this great bean soup…. and for some reason my wife complained vociferously about it.

I think it should be an illustrated classic and earn tons of royalties. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who agrees with me but if you are terminally offended, please keep it to yourself, as my wife has requested of me regarding my flatulence.


Mark Pendergrast

To save space, we have put this fascinating short story here — Ed.

Daniel replies:

All stories, poems, song lyrics, screenplays, jokes and riddles submitted to this website automatically become the property of Ed. Weiss Literary Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of Danpinkco. We thank you for your contribution. All royalties, proceeds from sales of rights, performances, and print, film, TV, recording, radio and stage adaptations are the property of Danpinkco. Thank you for your contribution.