Nathan Pieplow

November 8, 2002

Post #1569 – 20021108

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

A quick search of the archives turned up this old conversation:

>What is in / how do you make a borgelnuskie?


    > Travis Schneider — I believe I have gone into this

    > topic before in this very forum. It is illegal to tell another

    > person how to make or obtain a borgelnuskie. Only licensed

    > borgelnuskie-makers are supposed to deal with them, and, of

    > course, they can’t be sent through the mail. Except in Utah.

This presents me with a dilemma. You see, sometime in the late fall of 1998, after twelve years of meditation on this very topic, the recipe for borgelnuskies was revealed to me in a dream. I am not making this up. I knew at once that the recipe was authentic: it resounded with Truth. But I always kind of suspected I was never meant to know it. Perhaps I accidentally intercepted some telepathic message in my half-conscious state. Nevertheless, the damage is done. Where do I get one of these licenses?

Nathan Pieplow

Boulder, Colorado

Daniel replies:

I can supply you with one, but I must warn you--they're quite expensive.