Marilyn Highland

September 26, 2002

Post #1542 – 20020926

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

First, the fan part of the note: I purchase nearly every copy of “MUSH, a Dog from Space,” whenever I see it for sale and send it to unsuspecting friends. Then they, as my son Alan (age 8) and I, are completely hooked!!!

Defining moment in a mom’s life: Reading BORGEL to Alan at bedtime. Just when I think he’s about to be completely relaxed (one can not sleep when reading Pinkwater…), he sits BOLD UPRIGHT in bed and proclaims, “I LOVE DANIEL PINKWATER!!!” Can’t get much better than that.

So here’s my question: we live in a small California hamlet called San Jose. I’m in charge of getting assemblies for my son’s elemetary school. Of course, the PTA gives me very little budget. So I was wondering… Don’t you do book tours? Do you think that you might be coming to the Northern California area at any time soon? Can I get you to make a side trip to meet a whole bunch of kids who are well behaved, attentive, and really like you? I drive a Chevy Impala so the seats are pretty comfy (yep, we listen to Car Talk, too) and I’m a good driver!

Thanks for reading and we await your reply..

Fondest Regards,

Marilyn Highland

PS: Just in case requests matter with the money guys and gals, we’d like to have an audio Borgel, too! My old Jewish Man accent needs work!

Daniel replies:

You know, I _don't_ do book tours. Do you think that's wrong? When I do the comparatively rare radio-telephone interview, the host often remarks that I am not spaced-out and grumpy like the usual author, and why is that? I suggest that it's because I woke up in my own bed, had a decent cup of coffee at breakfast, and was not suffering from jet lag, travel head, and hotel cooties. Maybe someday Ed will receive a donation of equipment and expenses, and we can do a whole bunch of realtime online interactive visits.