Sherril Smoger-Kessous

September 10, 2002

Post #1536 – 20020910

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I was very excited to find that Scott Simon was going to be hosting an event on Wednesday, September 18 at the New York Historical Society called From The Front Lines: An Evening with Scott Simon. I have purchased tickets with my sister to attend. There is only one thing that would make that evening even better. That would be if you were to appear with Scott for a portion and maybe even read some of your favorite children’s books like you often do on Weekend Edition Saturday.

Any chance???


Sherril Smoger-Kessous

Parsippany, New Jersey

Daniel replies:

Yes! I will be in the audience, disguised with a false beard and nose. At a certain moment, I will interrupt Scott Simon's remarks about historical events he has witnessed, global politics, and journalism, and appear on the stage with a stack of children's books, from which I will force him to read. Unless I don't feel like it that evening. You will have a good time in either case.