Nora McMullen

August 23, 2002

Post #1526 – 20020823

Dear Mr. Pinkwater (i love your last name!),

I just finished reading your book, Alan Mendelsohn, The Boy From Mars and thought it was truly amazing! It was one of the best books that I have ever read. There is a note in the back of the book that says you only write about true, or mostly true events. Did the events in this book really happen? Is it truly possible to travel back and forth through different worlds, or planes? I think it sounds truly astounding that such a thing could be possible! I myself believe in magic and the ability to travel to other worlds, but have not been blessed with the gift of possesing either of these things. Also, is there a sequel to this book? If there isn’t, I definitely think that you should write one! If you could please get back to me soon, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!


Daniel replies:

Yes. As an author I get to travel to other worlds, and go back and forth in time. You can read a book of mine called BORGEL, which is in the paperback collection, 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS. It tells more about this kind of thing.