Caroline Kaufer

August 15, 2002

Post #1522 – 20020815

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Recently we moved into our new home which took about two years to demolish and rebuild. During this painful process we framed my daughter’s grade school “Orange Splot” project. For that picture, she colored in a house that was captioned, “My house is me and I am it and it looks like all my dreams.”

The Orange Splot has always been a favorite of ours and influenced our new home. Here is a picture:

It worries me a little that our neighbors will murder us or that we will end up in the local newspaper as an example of the need for stricter zoning laws but, even so, we love our home.

Very truly,

Caroline Kaufer

Newton, MA

Daniel replies:

It looks extremely nice. I once had argyle socks in that color scheme.