Stefan Jones

August 5, 2002

Post #1514 – 20020805

Dear Captain Pinkwater:

I’m amused by all these oddball questions you are getting about watches, razors, and restaurants.

I’d like to ask a oddball dog question or two.

The local paper has a classified ad touting a clutch of puppies . . . “1/3 Lab, 1/3 Border Collie, 1/3 Malemute.”

Is possible for a dog to be ONE THIRD something?

And what kind of bizarre behaviors would such a mix have?

Daniel replies:

This matter of thirds may be expressed for purposes of simplification in the newspaper ad. More likely it's a half, a quarter and a quarter. The combination, however, is full of promise. Likely a high-energy dog, with potential for a personality you might never forget. Then again, the third, third and third may reflect the work of some genetic experimenter.