Hakem Rahman

July 21, 2002

Post #1511 – 20020721

Hello Mr.Pinkwater, You have written my favorite book, Lizard Music.

This outragously fun book sci-fi is so great I’ve read it three times in four years. This book is almost in a constant climax. When I first read it in fourth grade it became an instant favorite with it’s amazingly bizzare characters(the Chicken Man, the Lizards, claudia the chicken, and many many more i.e.) and its humorous plot and writing style(you managed to make watching news hilarious). I read it again the next year, and now I’m going to the eighth grade and I finished reading it to my mom I’ve only read books to her that I really like. She has rated all those books nines out ten, but she rated yours a full ten after the first two chapters. I hope to save up some money and buy every book you’ve ever made. Could you give me a list(what are you currently working on?)? My mom and I are big fans so if I were to give you my address would you give us a signed picture, please?

Daniel replies:

While you are saving up to buy every book I ever wrote/will write, don't neglect to make use of your public library which has, or can get you, practically any book you'd care to name. You may want to read Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars; The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death; and Borgel, to name three.