Jesse Ross

June 20, 2002

Post #1500 – 20020620

Hello, I’m a different person from the Jesse Ross who has already written you in regards to your sequel to “Lizard Music”. I stumbled across this site while engaged in the low practice of looking up my own name on the internet.

It’s a nice coincidence, though. My sister graduated from Bard college a few weeks ago, and while I was there I ignominiously stole her copy of Lizard Music (it was previously mine, and previously to that apparently property of a library in Montana). I was struck by how much it brought back memories of childhood – the good, thinky parts of it. I’ve also been delighted recently to see that “Yobgorgle” is in print in one of your huge collections. I grew up in Rochester, and aside from a half-remembered and definitely over my head John Updike story in the New Yorker (involving adultery, if you believe it, and set at poor old Midtown Mall – there was snow, too, I think), Yobgorgle was my only indication that the world of books had heard of Rochester. I’ll definitely read it again soon.

Incidentally, do you think I should give that copy of “Lizard Music” back to my sister? I mean, it *was* mine originally.

Anyways, you rule, Daniel Pinkwater!!! I believe I can speak for all of Rochester when I say we are grateful. Never change.

Your fan,

Jesse Ross

P.S. – The Rochester public library downtown has remodeled and expanded, and the children’s section is no longer in the room with the secret door. There’s some sort of dreary administrative office or something there now.

P.P.S. – One or two people have mentioned that that man in Central Square in Cambridge reminds them of the Chicken Man. He always reminded me of *someone* and now I remember who!

Daniel replies:

Yes, you should give the book back to your sister. If she just graduated with Bard she will be realizing what an unfamilar place the real world is, and may want something comforting to read.