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June 5, 2002

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Mr. P.

I am a fan visiting a friend and using her computer. I have tried to find away to phrase this so that it would be appropriate for all ages and I can not. So I will be blunt. I lost some friends in the WTC and a friend of mine at the Pentagon was seriously hurt. You are a handsome man, and a quasi-sage. You are also a man who finds humor in most everything. Here is my question. How in the Blue Hell can I or anyone in America ever laugh again. I just came out of an 8 and a half month funk during which I read every book you have written including a rare edition of Java Jack and Fat Elliot an d the Gorilla. Help me friend, if anyone can. Tell me how I can ever find laughter again?

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The voice of America

Daniel replies:

You will. Healing takes time. You can't speed it up--just take it easy. Eight-and-a-half months is about right for a funk.