Michael Sideman

April 19, 2002

Post #1473 – 20020419

In a recent correspondence you stated that Chicago hot dogs must be treated with caution, or something like that. You also claimed to have eaten no more than 50 during your Chicago days. What is dangerous about Chicago hot dogs? If you weren’t eating them for the first 20 or so years of your life what on earth were you eating? I have always respected your opinions but I am very concerned because I have eaten 725,000 Chicago hot dogs in my life. Sincerely, Michael Sideman

Daniel replies:

I have in hand a Xerox advance copy of a shabby publication called Meet Daniel Pinkwater (part of the About the Author series from PowerKids Press, an imprint of Rosen Publishing Group, New York). I hasten to add that I have no connection with this project, and the book itself is a scandalous screed. However, on Page 8 there is a group photo of scholars at the Louis B. Nettelhorst School, dated 1949. Front row, third from the left is my cherubic self, appearing precisely as I do today. In the same row, third from the right, is a young Micheal Sideman. Should you acquire a copy of this disreputable little book, and scrutinize your image, recorded before you ingested the bulk of a lifetime of deadly Chicago hot dogs, and then regard your countenance as it is today, reflected in a mirror, you will see all too clearly what damage you may have done.