Marianne from Wisconsin

March 28, 2002

Post #1465 – 20020328

I don’t know where else to locate you to write a long ode to you and the pleasure your books gave me as I was growing up and still……… I was looking back (with the slow hazy gaze befitting my 29 years) and found something I wrote in elementary school extolling the virtues of Lizard Music – and probably my secret wish to disappear my parents and stay up all night – and I have to admit that to this day, it is the only book that has remained on my top ten since I read it.

thank you

Daniel replies:

Imagine what it feels like to read that a book one wrote has remained on a 29-year-old's top ten list since elementary school. It's different every time, actually. This time it was like taking a sip of cold, cold, very, very good ginger ale. I find that I am smiling.