Elyse Cregar

February 26, 2002

Post #1457 – 20020226

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

Friends suggested I give you a “heads up” about my new book: “Feline Online: What Happens When a Smart Cat Surfs the Internet?” a fantasy-humor for ages 7-12. Many of the students who read it this year as part of their sixth grade language arts classes have posted very nice and clever (!) comments at Amazon.com. A team of teachers have designed a study guide around the book, which also includes elements of ancient Egypt. A second school district north of Boston ordered Feline Online for use in the fourth grade. It is featured in the April issue of Cat Fancy magazine on page 49 – Kids for Cats Bookshelf.

I’d be happy to send you “Feline Online” if you would consider it for review or feature coverage.

I’m a Media Specialist (they used to call us Librarians) in the Boston area. You can see more about me and reviews of the book at my web site www.felineonline.net

Thanking you for your consideration, I am

Yours sincerely,

Elyse Cregar

Daniel replies:

It sounds like a nice book. I only get to review around 12 books a year on the radio program, and there are many specific criteria that have to be met--so chances are slim. Meanwhile, maybe some people who visit here will click on your link.