Allyson Carlyle

January 18, 2002

Post #1429 – 20020118

Dear Daniel,

I teach people to be librarians. Specifically, I am a cataloging teacher, so I teach my students how to deal with cheeky authors who like to use different names in different books. I know that you do this on purpose. Do you know any catalogers?

Of course, you are one of my favorite subjects for class, and I make overheads of title pages with your names on them. This year, my students have been discussing you on email. Here are some names they have suggested for you, in case you want new ideas:

  • D. Diddy Manus-Dawg Pizzinkwater
  • DeeDum Muck Pretzelwhistler

I thought you might like to know.

Yours very sincerely,

Allyson Carlyle

P.S. I used to be a children’s librarian at the Beverly Hills Public Library (this is how I supported myself while working on my phd). I love your books, and I sent many children, parents, and passers-by home with books of yours that I love. Especially, Guys From Space, Three Big Hogs, and Aunt Lulu (of course). You can put any name you like on your books. I will still love them and besides, I will get to make more overheads for my class.

Daniel replies:

DeeDum Muck Pretzelwhistler is my cousin. And a fine writer.