Ben Malisow

December 4, 2001

Post #1399 – 20011204

A long time ago, during my formative years, you emotionally scarred me with such tomes as “Lizard Music” and Fat Men From Mars.” I came to expect that all authors would have to reach the nadir of disturbing creativity demonstrated by “The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death,” and I was to learn, to my abhorrent dismay, that most are nowhere near as concerned with this level of performance. Damn them.

Anyway, I hadn’t read your stuff for some time, hearing an NPR commentary/story now and then, when I ran across the WonderWorks video of “Hoboken Chicken Emergency.” I promptly purchased said tape and inflicted it on my fiance. She is now a hopeless Pinkwater junkie, which leads to no little consternation on my part. You have damaged me again, Pinkwater!


Daniel replies:

Yeh yeh, blame me for your undisciplined reading habits