Liz S

December 1, 2001

Post #1397 – 20011201


Within the last year I heard you review a (childrens) book that I thought had a poem or name related to crocodile tears….I’m not coming up with the title in my searches and thought you might be able to help. Thanks.

Daniel replies:

It may have been within the last two years. One we did was I Crocodile, but there was another one, a little tiny book, and the title escapes me. Unless the Great Ed has it recorded, you might try emailing the program ( The Christmas Crocodile was a selection on Chinwag Theater, but I don't think that's the one you mean either. (Hint: The one you refer to may have been from a Louisiana publisher. Pelican Books?)

It may be Alligator Tales: and Crocodiles too!, by Miles Smeeton, published by (indeed) Pelican Books. --Ed.