Alice Cary

November 7, 2001

Post #1388 – 20011107

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

Count me and my eight-year-old son, Will, among your legions of fans. I am giving a series of “author chats” in my son’s second-grade class, and we started off with you, and, of course, “Author’s Day,” and “Second-Grade Ape.” The boys and girls roared when they heard about Mrs. Hotdogbun.

They noticed that you often write about second grade, so we wonder if you have any memories of your own second-grade class and teacher. Also, do you have any words of wisdom for second-graders today?

And yesterday someone brought in yet another hamster for show and tell. Sadly, no ape. No Henrietta. But the school year is young . . .

Thank you,


Daniel replies:

2nd Grade seems important to me because by the time you're in 2nd grade you have begun to develop a life outside of home. You have your own friends, (maybe an enemy or two), and your own interests. My advice to 2nd graders is to survive in order to get to 3rd grade.