Dick Nordrum

November 7, 2001

Post #1387 – 20011107

Hi Daniel,

I was introduced to your wonderful books by Mel Gilden who regards you most highly. Since then, my family has enjoyed many a great read and delightful laughter thanks to your clever imagination which we are grateful you share with us. I am especially looking forward to Fat Camp Commandos Go West. Your books have been ideal gifts to our friend’s children. Thanks for them all.

I just found out that Kitty Felde of KPCC in Pasadena is scheduled to interview you by phone next week (sorry to hear about your knee). I want to tell Mel Gilden about that interview; but, I haven’t found out what day it is scheduled. Of course, I will ask Kitty; but, in case she doesn’t get back to me, would you mind saying when it is scheduled, please?

By the way, I also weigh in at about 400 and if I shaved my moustache might be mistaken for you. So, I am keeping the moustache to avoid confusion. You actually look much younger than I do. Must be what you write.

Looking forward to hearing you on NPR.

Daniel replies:

They are also good books for enemies' children. I know when Kitty Felde is taping, but not when it will air. Sorry.