Aaron Stempel

November 5, 2001

Post #1385 – 20011105

Pinky’s Law.

1. Dear Pinky Baby, Be the best pinky fan you can be (GO to the Wonderful and fabulous fuzzy bunny babies website.) p.s Elvis Podaflkan is my role model.

2. Dear Pinky Baby, If you chew bubble gum when you smoke a cigar, it does not taste bad. Pinky Knows this because he wrote it…..for me.

3. Dear Pinky Baby, Tell your dad I am sorry about the death of “Pedro” i think he would have liked me. Do you let that little swine Charles in to your office anymore?

4. Dear Pinky Baby, I Vant you to make me der fesh vhistle, so vhen I blow it the fishes come, like, compus compus compus (did this Really Happen???)

5. Dear Pinky Baby, I want to be like you, physically and mentally. Unfortunately i only weigh 130 pounds, and i am still a high school student.

These are the Pinky law’s please respond publicly on your forum, and try to answer my bewildering questions and statements.

Your Number One “Hare Krishna” Fan.

Aaron (Pinky) Stempel.

Daniel replies:

Who's bewildered? Cigars, (except ones you can't get or afford), are disgusting, and so is bubble gum, (2). Yes, it really happened, (4). Nobody can be like anybody else, (5), and a good thing. I perceive from inconsistencies in spelling that you have the rare and, for me unprofitable, audio tape, and not the book(?) Please correct this.