Sophie Klicker

November 5, 2001

Post #1384 – 20011105

Hi Daniel,

My name is Sophie Klicker and I am 10 years old. You were born on November 15th and that’s the day in history I am researching for my school project. (Happy Birthday in ten days!)

I am trying to find more biographical information on you, but I’ve been sick for 8 days and I haven’t been able to go to the library. All this info on you on the internet is sort of making my head spin.

My question is, do you know of a place I can find out your biographical information?

Last year I researched Theodore Geisel and I feel really lucky that I get to find out more about another one of my favorite author’s this year!

Thank you for taking time with this request,

Sophie Klicker

Daniel replies:

I give you my official permission to make up any biographical information you like. You may take any biographical details from my life, or anyone else's, in order to make a good story. This way it will be interesting to read, and the research will be less head-spinning.