Doug Fowler

November 5, 2001

Post #1383 – 20011105

The most memorable gift I ever received was from my grandmother: a subscription to a book series. Three or four weeks after a book arrived, I began the countdown wondering if today was the day for the next book and would it be a biography, a novel or a book on natural history. I would like to continue the tradition with my four-year old granddaughter who reads at a six or seven year-old level. Can you recommend a series.

Now for the flattery. As a long-time, dues paying, card-carrying listener to NPR, I enjoy your all too infrequent visits. I envy your youthful spontaneity and marvel at your ability to view the world through ageless eyes. Speaking for my adult self, in many ways maturity ain’t what its cracked-up to be.

Thanks for the difference you make.

Doug Fowler

Daniel replies:

Well, obviously, I am going to suggest something by the Pinkwaters: Our polar bear books: Young Larry, At the Hotel Larry, Bongo Larry, and Ice Cream Larry, (all published by Marshall Cavendish), and Irving and Muktuk, Two Bad Bears, (Houghton Mifflin). And there is at least one more polar bear story coming!