Linda Frasier

November 1, 2001

Post #1380 – 20011101

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I have a vague memory that in one of your books there are instructions on how to draw you (or a fat man or something like that) using a quarter and the bottom of a glass for circles. Did I make this up? If not, which book was it?

Daniel replies:

Wow! I actually (partially) remember something better than a reader! It's not a book, but the introduction to some out-of-print tape recording of collected NPR commentaries--and going a little further with my feat of recollection--I think it was probably one released by NPR itself, in the days before they had the infamous and horrible DOVE AUDIO do their tapes for them, which is not to say the bit to which you refer did not make its way onto some commercially released tape for which, I assure you, I never got any royalties. All this I remember--the self-hypnosis course was worth the money! I have to go lie down now.