Cathya Jentis

October 4, 2001

Post #1373 – 20011004


Don’t know if you remember me from many years ago at Curtis Brown, but of course I remember you. Back then I was young and ambitious and now I am a suburban New Jersey housewife. How scary is that! I do remain ambitious and keep myself busy with various freelance type projects. But, enough about me. I have kids 10 and 8. I have given them your books to read which they enjoy and in fact, my eight year old is reading The Hoboken Chicken Emergency in class – I had just bought the book and she exclaimed that they were already reading it!

Anyway, any chance of paying a visit to a Bergen County Elementary School? In fact, if you don’t have time for one class, our School has a guest author lunch in the Spring…

Regardless, glad to see you’re still actively writing, and wanted you to know that I remember the good ole days…

Caytha Soling Jentis

Daniel replies:

Hi, Caytha! Of course I remember you. Glad to know you're in NJ. It would cost $1,000s to get me to Bergen County, but for a comparatively modest sum, I can send a fat actor who will impersonate me.