Tommy Salami

October 4, 2001

Post #1371 – 20011004

This is from Tommy Salami your biggest fan in Alaska.

I just found your site after discovering the address on the cover of Fat Camp Commandos. What an odd group of fans you have.

But bein one of them, and pra’lee an odd one at that, i hereby join the ranks of the webset. I do prefer communication via postcards as they force a certain succinctness. but hey there here we are!

I am amazed at the 80 book figure. Do you know anyone but your mother who has all of them? your biggest fan in Alaska

Tommy Salami

P.S. fan trivia: I have actually met WINSTON BONGO in person

Daniel replies:

It is true. I know that Tommy Salami has met the real-life Winston Bongo. (I wonder if he knows how many Big Bob books the fictional Mr. Salami appears in). I think it may be more than 80 books.