Penny Kohn

September 17, 2001

Post #1366 – 20010917

Dear Daniel,

Could we have a word or two from you about recent events? You are a hero to us, and we’d appreciate hearing from you. Penny Kohn

Daniel replies:

Only because you ask: I am so proud of my fellow New Yorkers. How well and calmly they evacuated the WTC towers in great numbers, helping one another, and keeping their cool. Then with what courage they came to help survivors, so many of them losing their lives in the effort. I am proud of our countrymen. With the exception of a couple of prominent TV Christian ministers, practically no one has spoken words of hate. I am proud of our President, whose actions have been calm, deliberate and reassuring. I received an email today from someone overseas, saying, ""We are all New Yorkers now."" I am not mad at anybody. That which has to be done will be done. I hope we all remain conscious of the seriousness of doing harm to others, and also keep our good humor in the face of things we can't help.