Nitin Savur

September 14, 2001

Post #1364 – 20010914

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I have been a fan for decades. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble purchasing some of your titles from Barnes & Noble and Borders (They usually only carry Hoboken Chicken Emergency, 4 & 5 Novels). I currently own about 20 books, and I’m looking to expand my DMP Jr collection. Can you please send me an address of a retailer or wholesaler that carries a large inventory of your books. Thank you.


Nitin Savur

Brooklyn, NY

Daniel replies:

Any bookseller should be able to order any in-print book for you. (And make sure the book is really out-of-print, if that's what they tell you, and not just out-of-stock at the distributor's). As to the many out-of-print titles, you have to hunt around. There are booksellers that may have them....and don't pay $100+ to amazon for an O-O-P title. That's for the rich and/or lazy. Have fun hunting!

(I recommend and --Ed)