John H. Kelly

July 30, 2001

Post #1354 – 20010730

To Whomever;

I did not mean to ease drop on your conversation with Tony, but I have a Casio [588] AE-20W which just broke for the last time, while trying to fix the watch for about the 6th time I cracked the LCD. The 3rd time I changed the battery, three or 4 years after buying the watch it started acting up (missing segments). Anyway I have been keeping it going all these years (every time I change the battery the watch acts up), now it is finally not repairable (broke the band many years ago). I do not understand the negative inferences to wanting this watch, but I too would like to get another one. I know you sent Tony one, I am not asking you to send me one, but I was wondering if with your previous discussions with Tony, have you found a source for this watch or one similar. Was this watch not a very good seller for Casio, are Tony and I the only ones interested in this watch? I am now using an old Seiko (backup watch), while I look for another. I found your site when I did a search on Yahoo for “Casio AE-20W”.

Daniel replies:

""Tony,"" mentioned here, read a post from another reader who observed I had such a watch, (plastic, digital, gimmicky, discontinued c.$49.95), in an author photo, and went on to say his father had one too. Tony, on a passionate quest for such a watch, found his way here through a websearch. I sent him mine, which I had quit wearing years before. I have a carton of these crappy plastic watches which I won in a customs auction--and used to give them to whoever wanted one. But a conversation with a psychiatrist convinced me that my behavior was a juvenile attempt to buy approval. So, I am keeping them in airtight containers for sale to some Japanese museum in the future.