Brian Newlin

July 13, 2001

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My name’s Brian Newlin, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I was a kid. “Alan Mendehlson” and “Lizard Music” were a couple of the first books I remember reading, and they really influenced me to go into animation, I really wanted to tell stories.

Anyways, years later, I’ve just started up my own little animation studio with a bunch of college friends, and I was really wondering if you had ever considered turning any of your books into either an animated short film or a kids series? I know you’ve probably been asked this before many times, but I figured it was worth a shot. Either way, I’d like to send you a video of our work so far, if you’d be interested.


Brian Newlin

NewKat Studios

Daniel replies:

I don't have a video machine or a sub-rights agent at the moment. You could try me in a while to see whether I've gotten one or the other.