Max Mellman

June 28, 2001

Post #1345 – 20010628

Dear DP,

I am a fan of your stories(of course).

I was wondering, in “The Worms of Kukumlia”, is Sir Charles Pelicanstien the same guy as Professor McFwain? I got this idea because in the beginning of the story, he mentioned hunting for a sea monster in Lake Ontario. Professoor McFwain was also hunting for the sea monster in Lake Ontario.

Please write back,

Max Mellman.

P.S. my aunt just moved to Rhinebeck in New York State. That’s right next to your town isn’t it? Could I Possibly visit you? I am 10 going into fifth grade.

Daniel replies:

The thing about my characters is this: Many of them are sneaky and do tend to disguise themselves and appear in other books. It's hard to keep track of them, and when you confront one with having done such a thing, he will just deny it. Of course, a lot of people have hunted for a sea monster in Lake Ontario. It could just be a coincidence. We don't encourage visits, because we'd have to tidy up the house, but I am in Rhinebeck very often. Maybe we'll meet--you can just say hello.