Todd Berryman

June 19, 2001

Post #1341 – 20010619

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater…

I live in a town where finding many/ANY of your books is an enterprise akin to finding a balsa wood model of a German airplane. Which is to say, the odds are not so good…I suspect this may be typical.

I’ve gotten to the point that my (well-worn) copy of Fish Whistle is practically a recommended read on my bookshelf, and the audiobook has achieved a status close to any random Beatles album in my car…in other words, it gets played A LOT.

Have there been any plans to re-release the Fish Whistle collection in the Seedy format anytime soon, or will I need to knock off a CD-R of the set to preserve my tapes (please don’t hate me for that; I assure you that it’s the last act of a desperate man)?

Apologies if this has been addressed in the archives…this is being written on the fly and I haven’t had time to look yet, but I didn’t see anything in regarding the possibility. I thought I should ask the man himself.

Do good work. Be well. And thank you for all your wonderful writing. It has been more than a little bit inspiring.

Sincerely yours,

Todd Berryman – 92.3 WTTS, Bloomington/Indianapolis

Daniel replies:

I suppose you know about ""Hoboken Fish & Chicago Whistle,"" from Xlibris--that's a book. As to a new recording...there has been some talk of issuing Chinwag Theater audio stuff, but not yet, and I am sort of bored with all those old radio essays. However..........I just handed in a book of similar pieces, ""Uncle Boris in the Yukon,"" and I understand Simon and Schuster plans an audio version of that. Maybe you'll like it.