Rob & Shaun Baesman

June 6, 2001

Post #1339 – 20010606


Love your program on NPR. Following your reading of Calef Brown’s “Polka Bats and Octopus Slacks”, my wife Shaun and I ran out and bought a copy. Upon close inspection of the illustrations for the “Polka Bats” poem, we noticed something interesting. There’s a man in the lower right of the page with a “polka-turd” falling on his head, and he looks suspiciously like a certain children’s author we all know and love.

So, this presents the obvious question — do you make a cameo appearance in “Polka Bats”, only to be smote with polka-bat guano?

Curiously Yours

Rob & Shaun Baesman

Daniel replies:

This unusual coincidence has been pointed out before, (by Scott Simon). I can only assume that Calef Brown was trying to honor me. Thanks for saying you love the program. More important to say it to the radio station on which you hear it. I bet you even know their email address.