Zach Aaronson

May 16, 2001

Post #1330 – 20010516

Mr. Pinkwater,

I am a ninth grader, and a huge fan of your books. I own over 75 books that you have written, and I am fat and proud. Obviously, when I was asked in school to write a biography of my favorite author I chose you. Could you give me a link to a good biography and some info on your childhood? (I looked for hours and found nothing). Thanks in advance!

-Zach Aaronson

P.S. I have heard rumors that there is/will be a sequel to Lizard Music. If so, where can I get it?

Daniel replies:

You found the P-Zone! I'd say that is a huge junkshop of useful bits and pieces. As to actually writing a biography of DP, why not do what all the others have done, and make it up out of your head? If you do this after a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast, you'll be surprised how accurate it seems to be.