Pat Navin

April 17, 2001

Post #1318 – 20010417

I don’t know how you got hooked up with a spokesman’s gig for a sleazy chain like Motel 6, but my advice is to drop your affiliation with them immediately! We recently made the mistake of staying overnight (with the kids) at the Motel 6 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When we pulled into the parking lot after our late night flight from Chicago, two police cars were in the lot, lights ablaze. I went to check in, but the office door was locked. The only way to communicate with the night manager was through one of those bullet-proof glass windows cut into the wall of the building. I felt like I was either at a liquor store in a dangerous neighborhood, or trying to cash a bad check at the local currency exchange. I asked the fellow behind the thick glass why the police were at his establishment and he told me that a crack-smoking woman had been–

What’s that, honey?

Damn! That’s embarassing!

Hey, you don’t have the web address for the Tom Bodett web page, do you?

My apologies.

Daniel replies:

And my radio show is better too.