Michael Sheehan

April 13, 2001

Post #1314 – 20010413

This is Michael Sheehan from the old WAMC days shouting out an hello from two blocks south of Wrigley Field to Daniel and Jill, of whom I have memories most fond from the old days at WAMC. (10! Years! Ago! Amazing how time flies.)

I frequently reminisce about taking Daniel out to lunch once. Rarely will the proprietor of the (only?) Italian beef store in Albany be more confident of her probity in entering her line of work than the day she saw those two shapely fellows, Pinkwater and Sheehan, sashaying to the counter for submarine sandwiches one summer afternoon. I am pretty sure that lunch date made her day and possibly her budget for the week. And the sandwiches were delicious; now that I have lived in Chicago for five years, and sampled the genuine article, I must say those sandwiches were pretty darn close to the Mr. Beef’s.

I recall the two-part interview I did with you, Daniel, for the old program guide. Great fun; I still have some copies I’ve kept for posterity, somewhere around here.

Anyway, if you make it out to the ol’ home town anytime, my wife and I would love to have you to supper at out place. Please feel free to get in touch!

Daniel replies:

Mike, you are a fine fat man, and well deserve the pleasures and comforts of Chicago. I will turn up one day, and we can go around seeking nosh.