Krazed Ape

April 1, 2001

Post #1309 – 20010401

i have a friend who is just starting to read your books.

i asked him what his favorite one is and he said.(and I quote)

“um whatsitcalled….um. uh, I’m not reall-Oh yeah!! Borjel!!”

(this was the way he said the title. I’m just spelling it phonetically)

when I had read Borgel, I said his name how it is spelled…

B-o-r-g (the hard “g”, like in “good job”, “galaxy”, and “gastrocnemious”)-e-l.

who is right?

-a krazed ape

p.s. I don’t know if you care, but when I graduate from college, I’m going to live on a houseboat off the Santa Monica pier, and eat nothing but fish, except when i go into Santa Monica and dine at the really really good restraunts there. the reason I thought of putting this in the message is because my uncle who introduced me to your books used to live in Santa Monica….

Daniel replies:

No greens? No grains? Wouldn't a salad and maybe some cornbread go nicely with those fish? And how about a bagel, maybe toasted, in the morning? I don't know of a fish-based beverage that is a really satisfactory coffee substitute. I'm not saying you can't do it, but someone once wrote that man cannot live on fish alone. I tried it once, but at least I had a bag of brown rice and some spices with me. As it was, I lasted about a day before I went to get a BLT. I had some experiences on the Santa Monica pier. The best one was when my father put a huge fish hook through his finger, and I knew what to do. Thanks for your post.

It's ""g"" as in gastronome. (cf. the audio version) --Ed.