Ben Peberdy

March 18, 2001

Post #1296 – 20010318

I have just one question which I realized while driving someplace: Did you get the name for the Snark theater from Lewis Carroll’s famous poem about Snark (half snake, half shark) hunting?

From Ben Peberdy

Oh by the way, I’m the brother of Andrew

Daniel replies:

In part, in part. I also had in mind the Clark Theater in Chicago, a real place very like the Snark, and now gone. I did _not_ know that Jack London's brother had an early biograph or cinema theater in San Francisco known as The Snark. ""Snarky,"" is also used as an adjective connoting sharp or aggressive, or having a pointy nose like a pencil. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some old Norse foundation. I think there are some snark links around here somewhere.