The Klingers of Berkeley

February 27, 2001

Post #1281 – 20010227

This is a fan message for Daniel Pinkwater. To illustrate just how much we like Mr. Pinkwater, it should be noted that we used to strongly dislike him after being obliged to read “The Bear’s Picture” MORE than 237 times (and he escaped being hated only because “Bear’s Picture” is not any longer than it is): so, you see, Mr. Pinkwater’s warmth and humor on Chinwag Theater has evelated our affection for him even more than the typical fan’s (or, maybe, not).

“The Bear’s Picture” was, apparently, not so injurious because all of our children are living healthy, productive, and interesting lives.

Mr. Pinkwater is clearly a very special person. We suspect, therefore, that Mrs. Pinkwater is even more special. We hope they prosper in the most delightful ways!

Sincerely, the Klingers of Berkeley

Daniel replies:

For my part, I offer similar good wishes to this interesting family, and I never disliked them in the least, even though they apparently bought only one of my many books, and thus were forced to read it again and again.