January 28, 2001

Post #1266 – 20010128

You said: “And Young Adults, (as distinct from Young Adult Novel) is hard to find, and contains Dead End Dada, and The Dada Boys in Collitch.”

You think collitch kids are grown up? My son is in collitch! Of course I have that book. I have two copies of it, so that I can lend one out, though I usually like to sit there while someone reads it to find out which parts make them laugh the most. I was just wondering if the Dada boys could keep it up way into old age, like age 40 or so. I want to know where the weirdos are. Am I all alone in the suburbs here?

Daniel replies:

We are all of us all alone in the suburbs. It's a good idea. Linda. Too bad nothing 100% exactly and precisely like it has been done recently and made a million dollars--then I could get a publisher to let me do it.