Linda Frasier

January 24, 2001

Post #1262 – 20010124

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My daughter needs more Werewolf Club books! She’s in second grade. Is there anything you could recommend that’s about that length? She just told me she wants more Snarkout Boys books and tapes.

I need to know what happens to the Dada Boys when they grow up. I grew up, and nobody wants to commit public acts of weirdness any more.

Daniel replies:

Let's see....the Werewolf Club...Magic Pretzel has been released. Lunchroom of Doom has been released. The Werewolf Club meets Dorkula is all finished, but not released yet. The Werewolf Club meets the Hound of the Basketballs is in process. Then another one. And Young Adults, (as distinct from Young Adult Novel) is hard to find, and contains Dead End Dada, and The Dada Boys in Collitch.