Brad Sondahl

January 10, 2001

Post #1255 – 20010110

I saw the movie “They might be Giants” last night with George Scott and Joanne Woodward, and it reminded me in several ways of the Snarkout books. First there were these unlikely crazy Holmes and Watson characters following silly clues about the town. Secondly they wander into a theater that only shows old westerns, and the theater is filled with snarky types. It also seemed to have a bit of a weak ending, which I sometimes feel to be the case with some of your stories. I think however, mostly it’s a feeling of let down after the intense sense of fun which you conjure.

On another topic, do you use your word processor’s replace function to change names of characters in your works in progress?

Daniel replies:

Why would I change my character's names? I think your post has a bit of a weak ending.