Ed Weiss

January 1, 2001

Post #1251 – 20010101


What’s your take on animal telepathy? Have you ever had any telepathic experiences with your various animal companions (e.g. they know when you or Jill are coming home, know when you or Jill will be calling)? Are animals smarter than us, or do they just know what to listen for?

Happy New Year.

Daniel replies:

I am pretty sure that animal mentation goes beyond anything people commonly believe. I am still trying to overcome basic prejudices...like everybody else, I'm capable of interpreting stuff according to what I was taught, while something contradictory is happening right in front of me. Far beyond knowing when we're coming home, I have had ample evidence that animals know what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, understand quite a lot of what I'm saying, and can both predict and cause what I am going to do next. I have a whole book about this in mind, so I'll just add this: In the past 4 years I've come to believe that instinct takes in much more specific things than I formerly thought. It's less, ""I have a vague incomprehensible prompting to engage in certain behaviors, and I don't know why,"" and more, ""Oh look! That Inuit in the TV program has caught a seal. It's a female, and one of those speckled ones--the very best eating! Hey, Daniel and Jill, are you paying attention? That's the kind to get when you go to the supermarket. Hey! Are you listening?""