Zack Weinberg

November 16, 2000

Post #1207 – 20001116

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I have been a fan of your work since childhood, when I discovered the Snarkout Boys books in my local public library. Since then I have been wondering about a detail, and this wonderment has been reinforced by _The Education of Robert Nifkin_, so I write you to ask: Did you make up the notebook system of education, or was it actually used in public schools you attended or heard of? And if it was used in real life, where and when?

Thank you,


Daniel replies:

Chicago, mid-1950's, Lake View High School. My classmate, and now fellow author, Sue Sussman sold me her B+ cover art, when I had to repeat Biology, of Senator John Kennedy clipped from a magazine, with parts such as nose, teeth, eyes, chin labeled, and I affixed it to a folder containing mostly English and History notes, and got a B+ also.