October 22, 2000

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Some time ago (perhaps as long as a year), Daniel recommended — raved about, actually — a children’s book written by a Massachusetts author. It was about two(?) children in the woods in the Mass countryside, perhaps around Concord. Evidently, both the text and the illustrations are exceptional. At the time I heard the review, I was driving and couldn’t take down the info.

Daniel’s recommendation (but, alas, not the title of the book) has stuck in my mind since then, and every once in a while, when I’ve run out of ideas for (yet more) things to send our grandchildren who live in the Massachusetts countryside, I think of that book and Daniel’s enthusiasm for it.

Does anyone know the name of this book? I’d love to get a copy to put into the all-important “Grandma’s bag” for our next visit out to Mass.


Maureen in California

Daniel replies:

You're thinking of ""Henry Hikes to Fitchburg,"" published by Houghton Mifflin, and one heck of a nice book. It's about bears, not children, but what's the difference, really? Put something by Daniel Pinkwater in that bag too, grandma.