October 18, 2000

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Where do you get your humor mr. pinkwater….

you tend to drive me crazy, especially sat. mornings on NPR on my way to work, which i dont want to go because its saturday. At least your irony matches my day though. I have a friend on the net, in irc, who has similar tastes of humor. Who also drives me crazy. I looked around for a few of your humorous stories on the net, but could not find any to cut and paste into our chat room..errr steal em, yea. I invite you to our forum where you could dialog where both of you could send me too my ready room.

I enjoy your humor, really.


Daniel replies:

We live in a great country, Bonnie, where you can drive to work and be driven crazy, both at once, and get paid at the end of the day. I am going to sit here and think for a while about how fortunate we all are.