Kathy White

October 11, 2000

Post #1196 – 20001011

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

A number of years ago I heard you read an essay about your memories of your grandfather. I think it was after he had passed away. It was such a touching tribute that I wanted to get it on tape. Several years ago I tried to get it through NPR transcripts and tapes. Since I had no idea of the date I heard it or what the title of the article was I had no success in locating it.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me the title and enough information about the broadcast to be able to find a printed copy or a tape of the broadcast.

I enjoy listening to you on NPR. I especially like your sense of humor.

Daniel replies:

I never knew my grandfather, which wouldn't stop me doing commentaries about him, only I never did. My father, who's often mentioned may have been loving--it was hard to tell--but was hardly patient. You could have a look at ""Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle,"" (or ""Chicago Fish and Hoboken Whistle,"" I can never remember), and see if what you remember is collected there, but it will cost you fifteen bucks to find out. (Order it from amazon.com or xlibris.com).