Mrs. J

September 22, 2000

Post #1181 – 20000922

Dear Daniel Pinkwater:

Several years ago I worked in a school library. One of my jobs was reading to the younger students. My very best favorite book was Aunt Lulu. I loved the 14 dogs and their names, …….Teddie, Neddie, Eddie, Freddie and………….Sweetie Pie. Ended up the students would squeal Sweetie pie’s name. I just loved it. I sometimes see former students and ask them if they remember the book. This summer I looked in the children’s section at the public library and checked out several of your books, Aunt Lulu being one of them and thrilled at reading aloud to my 18 and 20 year olds. Surprised at finding reference to Toledo, Ohio in Spaceburger; I wondered why you picked our city for this story. Maybe it is time I should start a Daniel Pinkwater collection for possible grandchildren.

Enjoying DP,

Mrs. J

Daniel replies:

I like Toledo. I have passed through it several times, enroute to places like Detroit. I went to the zoo in Toledo once, and had a nice time. I have always had the private and unsubstantiated belief that it is the best city in Ohio. I know it's better than Cleveland, but everyplace is.