Ben, the Mad Librarian

September 5, 2000

Post #1175 – 20000905

I am hoping this goes through

I am a mad librarian at the Loussac Public Library in Anchorage Alaska

I am requesting your presence here because they want to meet you

I have met you on occasion and have taken great pride in this fact

these librarians are jealous

what will it take to get you here

They have almost all of your books except the first one you ever wrote.

I am most in need of having you visit Alaska and especially this library. They are of the idea that you do not fly (although I know you levitate which is a similar feat).

Please come see us and I will shower you with rose petals and feed you tasty treats.

Daniel replies:

While I am very fond of you, I will not shower with you. I no longer fly at all, and even my former offer to possibly visit Alaska if a ride on Air Force One, or maybe Air Force Two, could be arranged, is retracted. I can envision a heavy-duty tour bus, or large luxury yacht as transport--if that can be done, we can discuss specific accomodations, equipment, itinerary, etc. Or, I could send you a cassette. Your call.