Phyliss Liverwitz

August 7, 2000

Post #1164 – 20000807

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

In the past, my husband read where you described the best-ever hotdog in the Hudson Valley, and where it could be purchased and happily consumed.

Please post this info, as we are hungry to know. We live in Orange County and are willing to drive to Fishkill and beyond. Price is no object. We’d like to try it before the winter kicks in.


Phyliss Liverwitz

P.S. I also enjoyed “Uncle Melvin” very much.

Daniel replies:

Alas, the authentic Chicago hot dog establishment is no more. The proprietor, an excellent man, died...very likely from eating his own product on too regular a basis. So it will be a longer drive if you still want to have the experience. (I understand there are 600 hot dog stands in Chicago).