A. Nan Imnouss

July 30, 2000

Post #1158 – 20000730

Dear ‘O Great Won,

You are 1 of the greatest authors in the world (the others being Orwell, Tolkien, etc…) and i have always had a prattish dream that I’d have the Onner to how to you say “speak” to you. I hope you don’t mind me taking some of your “creations” (Alan Mendelsohn, Borgel) as my heroes. Oh yes, i have a friendy who has requested to know if there is any connection between the titles of Borgel, and Yobgorgle.


A. Nan Imnouss

p.S. Have you aver bean to Greese?

Daniel replies:

There is a connection between Borgel and Yobgorgle in that the same author wrote them both. I was in Athens for a couple of days once enroute to Africa. I found out that those grooves in the columns that hold up the Parthenon are good backrests, and there were a lot of butterflies around the place.