Ann Dreyer

July 25, 2000

Post #1156 – 20000725

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I found your program on the radio quite by accident and have greatly enjoyed it! But I have only heard 2 programs: the one about the moose that cooked in the restaurant, and the continuing saga of Borgel.

I am a special education teacher and would LOVE to know where I may find audio recordings of your reading. It is your voice that makes the time fly. I tried looking all around the chinwag theatre website but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Can you help? Thanks!

Daniel replies:

At present there are no plans to offer recordings for sale. Maybe later when we get some help. Right now the whole Chinwag Organization is Charity Nebbe, me, an intern a half-day once a week, and our fine webmaster. We WILL be posting more information about forthcoming broadcasts, and we will certainly be repeating classics, like the Blue Moose. So people can tape. See?